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Noelle Rose | Portfolio


Hi, My name is Noelle Rose

I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have been designing media for print and digital distribution for over ten years.

I am knowledgeable in the Adobe Creative software Suite, HTML, and CSS with experience creating, editing and publishing content for online communities through social media and WordPress.

Currently, I am a Learning Labs Specialist at Gwinnett County’s Public Library where I lead one on one and group workshops on 3D Printing, Video and Audio Editing, Graphic Design, Sewing and coding. 

Writing Samples

Other than design, writing is a passion of mine. I’ve been writing since a very young age. It started with poetry, very bad poetry, and eventually culminated in short fiction and songs. I’ve written everything from product reviews to screenplays and short fiction.

Below are just a few select samples from things I am willing to share. You can find examples of my songwriting through my music. A link to that will be provided soon as I am currently working on recording and editing a few music samples.


Excerpt from Message in a Bottle – A short screenplay written in 2010

Excerpt from a short story called The Parisian

Technical / Business

Excerpt from my Journ 4610 Syllabus, spring 2020.