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Noelle Rose | Portfolio

CATLAB Print Materials

CATLAB Print Materials

The Creation and Technology Lab at GSU, also known as the CATLAB, is a general-use computer lab. In addition to offering the use of software such as the Microsoft Office suite and Internet access, it also offers state-of-the-art facilities to assist in the creation of media projects. Students can create, edit and share everything under the media banner including short films, podcasts and music. the CATLAB allows students to check out camera and multimedia equipment, use production and media software, work together in student collaborative spaces, and get technical support.

In my role as a IT Support Specialist at the CATLAB my main duties were to assist students with technical issue and manage equipment reservations and checkouts. However, because of my background I was also tasked with creating print and digital media that would help advertise the CATLAB as well as assist in its organization.


Shown here are just a few of the many items I created for the CATLAB. They include:


CATLAB Identity – After the Georgia Perimeter college merger, the CATLAB – formerly mediaSPOT – needed a new identity to present itself to the student population at large. In addition to completely changing the colors and the documentation to reflect the new affiliation with Georgia State, I created several ideas for logos to be used across all CATLAB media.

Equipment Catalog – The Equipment Catalog is a multi-page document that lists equipment available for reservation at the CATLAB and which campus it is available at. Different campuses may have slightly different units as well as a differing number of units. It is a quick at-a-glance document for both Support Specialists and Students to find the equipment needed for their media project.

Equipment Checklists – The Equipment Checklists are laminated sheets included in each equipment bag that is checked out to students from the CATLAB. It is for both staff and student use in that is notes all items in the kit and is a quick reference tool for staff to check the condition of items on return.

Staff Name Tags – Because the CATLAB is informal and utilizes student workers, it is often difficult to differentiate between those students available to assist and those who are in the lab as normal students. The name tags help students know who they can speak with and provides a name to a face.

Student-Centered Flyers – Each year the CATLAB participates in new student orientation a program centered around familiarizing incoming freshmen with all that is available to them at Georgia State campus and the perimeter campuses. These student-facing flyers are meant to provide information for the student about where they can find a CATLAB and what they can expect to be able to do there. It’s a great way to let students know about this amazing resource.

Rules Posters – Rules are necessary for the media-oriented part of the CATLAB. Since students are editing short films, podcasts, and other media projects, it is important the lab is useful and working for all students. The rules poster helps establish common courtesy rules to keep it functioning for students coming in to scan quickly, or students buckling down to finish editing a video. There is also a separate rule poster for the Audio Lab specifically. It is one of the more popular resources in the lab and sees all sorts of students and upcoming stars using it to record music.