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Noelle Rose | Portfolio

mediaSPOT Print Materials

mediaSPOT Print Materials

The mediaSPOT was the media-focused computer lab at Georgia Perimeter College (now known as Georgia State’s Perimeter College). The mediaSPOT offered state-of-the-art facilities to assist students in the creation of their media projects.  There, students could create, edit and share short films, podcasts, music and more. The mediaSPOT was outfitted with every item the student could need for any of these tasks including allowing students to check out camera and multimedia equipment. Staff was comprised of media professionals who worked together to meet the student’s project needs.

In my role as a Digital Media Assistant at the mediaSPOT my main duties were to assist students with technical issues and manage equipment reservations and checkouts. However, because of my background, I was also tasked with creating print and digital media that would help advertise the mediaSPOT as well as assist in its organization, leading workshops to help students looking to learn more about the software and providing general maintenance to the computers and equipment.

Shown here are just a few of the items I created for the mediaSPOT. They include:

Audio Lab Beat making Training flyer – The Audio Lab for Beat making Workshop was dedicated to utilizing the Audio Lab to create beats. The audio lab was the more popular resource at the mediaSPOT and saw quite a few upcoming and aspiring musicians. This document was used to advertise the new workshop to students who might find it useful. It was placed both on the Audio Lab as well as the Library door. It was also handed out at student-facing events with other material about what the mediaSPOT had to offer.

MediaSPOT website – The mediaSPOT website was used to allow students access to the most useful links and features the mediaSPOT had to offer. It allowed students to not only view what equipment was available, but also scheduled reservations, sign up for workshops and contact staff directly to ask questions or request specific workshops. I created these buttons to be easily viewed, understood and be logically ordered to easy access.

Equipment Training infographic – The Equipment Training Infographic was used to inform students about which workshops they needed to train to have access to certain equipment. The camera equipment was expensive and available with their student tech fees. Still, they needed to know how to properly take care of the equipment, how to use it and how to get the best out of the limited time they had with each reservation. The workshops were intended for that purpose and this document allowed a student to find the information they needed about which workshop they should take.

Equipment Knowledgebase  – The Equipment knowledgebase is a student-facing document that provides students with basic information about the equipment the mediaSPOT has to offer. It gave them specs, recommended and needed workshops, as well as what was commonly found in the equipment kits. For equipment with multiple models, it also included a chart that broke down the major differences between the models and why a student would choose one over the other.

Equipment Showcase – The equipment showcase is a document handed out to students during new student orientation to familiarize them with what the mediaSPOT had to offer based on interest in editing, design or audio. It also gave information related to online training and workshops for students who didn’t want to come into the lab but wanted to learn online.